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A heart for football

In the new 2020/21 season, uvensys Fortuna Cologne will also support the football team with a professional infrastructure:


Volker Lieder, CEO of uvensys GmbH says:

„After a short consultation with those responsible, we were able to extend our sponsorship activities for Fortuna Cologne for the 2020/21 season and wish the players, fans and those responsible a successful start to the season.“

Support of the nationwide student initiative

As an innovative and at the same time creative company, we became aware of Mr. Ansgar Jonietz and his non-profit online initiative in the field of medical education. After we were able to convince ourselves of its content and idea, we see it as a suitable platform for our sponsorship activities.

The Internet portal „What am I?“ Is innovative and creative at the same time. There is not only an answer to health questions from the doctors, but also directly offers the solution – with a synergy that is unique to date: medical students translate medical findings into a language that patients can easily understand. This is not only intended to set an example for a rethinking in the relationship between doctor and patient – at the same time, a new gap in this relationship should be closed in order to noticeably improve the German health system in a fundamental way.