- GPU-Server

- GPU-Server

GPU-Server (Graphics Processing Unit)

Our dedicated GPU servers are modern high-end performances combined with one of the most powerful graphics cards for professional work processes such as visual applications, real-time analyzes and data evaluations or optimization and further development in the areas of artificial intelligence, such as B. autonomous driving. Thus, GPU servers have become indispensable in today’s industry and research.

Wherever higher requirements have to be met and enormous, repetitive computing power is required in parallel, our GPU-supported server enables very high speed and accuracy of your applications while relieving the vCores through hardware acceleration.


Dual Nvidia RTX 3090 GPU Server

2 x VGA Nvidia RTX 3090 with 24 GB RAM each
1 x AMD EPYC | SP3 | 7402 | 2.8GHz | 24-core
Hardware raid
2 x 960GB SSD
Dual 10 Gbit network card
5 TB traffic included
Electricity, air conditioning, housing included

monthly rate: from EUR 790.00 *

We would be happy to calculate your configuration for you.

* all prices plus VAT